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Time Tracking

Fast and intuitive click paths and auto completion of work entries, during or after work has actually been done, help to save time and money and also improve documentation. Simplicity for the process of time tracking motivates employees to track their work with higher awareness and make it possible due to WorkTrail to reach for an improved truth of costs of the most cost intensive resource, namely labor.

Work Time Overview

Handling work times in the past and having an overview about work entries for the whole day managed in a calendar view, helps to process the recorded work times for billing and your own documentation and calculation of costs.

Projects & Tasks

Keep track of your projects and tasks. The full potential of WorkTrail unfolds when you collaborate as a team. Structure your own projects and tasks as you feel to benefit subsequently from the representative reports and stats.

Reports & Stats

Based on your recorded data in your environment our reports and statistical representations help you to manage your projects and tasks and corresponded work entries over time.


On the top of your filtered or unfiltered reports we make it possible to export all your data easily, whenever you want to, to other offline and online applications.