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Managment Team TaPo-IT

A powerful and concentrated mixture of classical education, work experience and self-study characterize the core team of Tapo-IT.

Mag. Wolfgang Taferner

At the end of his studies in International Business Administration with an emphasis in the areas of management information systems and international finance, he implemented his longtime intent of a self-owned company and got a strong technology partner on board in order to achieve its future ambitions. In addition to his studies and his thirst for technical know-how, he worked in various areas in order to test his broad knowledge in the workplace.

Herbert Poul

After attending successfully a school for higher technical education and several years of professional experience as a developer and core developer of renowned software manufacturers and service providers, he took up the courage to enrich the world of entrepreneurship by a special kind of self-taught. His single-mindedness and openness to new solutions and technologies seem inexhaustible. And even now he takes his time to go to university, whenever there is time, to study computer science to backup his practical knowledge with theoretical knowledge.

Together with our team and our partners we will help you with the implementation of your business and project goals.

Network of TaPo-IT

Since we know that the two of us are not able to handle things alone, we have already established a network of actors in the technical and economic fields, and even if our own network is not able to help directly, we are happy to recommend one of our partners to guide you to the proper solution.