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TaPo-IT started with the plan to simplify business integration and operational planning with IT and is especially eager to preserve flexibility and mobility without dependencies on proprietary software products for its customers.

Our solutions are built on the work of many ambitious and experienced players from all over the world and based on the use of generic module and stick approaches combined with our know-how are worth gold.

We love what we do and have the necessary perfection to form your project a success story.

Process optimization and flexible mapping of your business processes are our strengths, and subsequently your added value.

Independent and individual solutions

TaPo-IT uses in its projects a variety of powerful programming languages ​​in order to achieve optimal and customized solutions for their customers.

Here, various Open Source projects have emerged which are very suitable for business independence and flexibility also set next to the desired and the implemented solution to development potential and thus open interfaces that minimize ongoing costs when extending or adapting your selected solution. Open code is a valuable asset when it comes to taking advantage of the market and not be committed completely to its software suppliers.

We understand ourselves as service provider and focus on your needs and development. In addition we offer software as a service in order to manage hosting and servers for you, especially when you do not have the possibilities to do it on your own.