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Billdroid - Billmonk for Android

17. July 2010

Billmonk has a lack of a mobile version so we tried to implement a first alpha version for Android.


We thought it would be better to do our own web + mobile application called Tabsplit to improve the way how to handle debts between friends easily.

How to handle an itemized bill (video)?

Billdroid - Play Store QR Code Billdroid is a native application for Android smartphones. 
You can freely download it using the barcode on the left or by searching the Android Market for Billdroid.


Billdroid is currently under heavy development. It is not yet usable.


We welcome any kind of feedback (feature requests, success/failure reports, etc.) - Head over to our getsatisfaction forum for billdroid and leave your note.


You can currently log into your account and see your list of friends including their debts.


Billdroid - Friendlist